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In this world, you will always feel excited for lots of temptation, be dazzled for many choice,even get lost in the helplessness. However, you would still believe in that sincere story in your deep heart. It is far away to meet our previous incarnation, it is very evanescent for our quick first meet. Turn to this page, please lit up a cigar, listen to me, a story about a chandelier, a period of cross time of "the Encounter of Light". On Asteria's Delos, Apollo has the glorious and magnificent, his ajina is with the bright sun, as a luxury feast for gods, showing in front of us. Elegance, Handsome, Deterrence and Powerful, his temperament not only conquer the goddess, but also make the gods in Mount Olympus feel scared. Today,"the Encounter of Light"is still beautiful and charming. Since 2006, MEEROSEE brand setting up with the creative and innovative concept, becomes the mainstream lighting brands which attract the attention of European and American people. Elegant and Luxurious material, intrapersonal element and the unique detail showing the newest fashion feel from the classics. The perfect combination of Greece and Rome Classicism, uniqueness and high-class Italian design, contributes to special presence from inside to outside. The color is overflowing and shining, acting the elegant and fashion alternately. The decoration and the style are combined together, as if the mimosa, full of the breath of spring and the fresh feeling of the pure Sambac jasmine put the light in front of us. In the world of Meerosee, only the excellent and superior quality chandelier could be exhibited in the Luxurious Hotel and Home Decoration. Each chandelier is produce elaborately, blending classical and modern, casual and superb. Classic European Postmodernism colors create unique visual images, to find the creative inspiration from the visual arts and stereoscopic structuralism. The personality of Meeorsee is charming, and MEEROSEE will never stop. She will compose the Luxury, acting the elegant legend forever.

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